YouTube is not just a platform for video sharing, but a space in which people from all over the world can come together virtually and engage with content from outside their corresponding geographic, generational, and individual backgrounds. It is more than just a means of sharing music videos, shows, guides, recipes, and other entertainment, but instead, a place that can bring people together to observe global phenomena, political milestones, and national and international events.

Here are a few moments that caught and held the attention of the world via YouTube, and why they are important:


2015 Interview with Barack Obama

In January, 2015, YouTube creators hosted an interview featuring President Barack Obama, which was “the first time a sitting president has granted an interview to a social media platform.” The interview itself was not only significant and critical to the national political conversation, but this precedent reflected the ways in which social media is becoming ever more prominent in the public forum as a vehicle to engage with politics and social events.


YouTube Sets a Viewer Record

In March of 2013, YouTube reached an impressive rate of approximately 1 billion monthly users. This speaks to the success of YouTube itself, as well as the prominence of social media as a platform for change, conversation, and global communication. It shows the power and potential that YouTube and creators who utilize YouTube have to impact the world and those who engage with their content. YouTube is an incredibly valuable platform to spread social and political messages and reach a wide range of people, despite time zone differences or geographic distance


SpaceX Live Streams the launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket

For the first time, a rocket launch was live streamed for the world to see in real time. The live stream of the Falcon Heavy rocket launch became the second largest live stream ever. This harkens back to the video footage of the moon landing, which aired on public television in 1969. It shows how the world and the country can come together to witness incredibly profound events in the history of humankind.