Although many of us fill our calendars to capacity, inevitably, idle moments find a way to creep into our days. They might surface while we’re commuting to the office, sitting in a lobby, or waiting in line. Before the advent of smartphones, these moments would have required us to simply be patient, but today, our mobile devices deliver an instant way out from the potential boredom of idle time.

Furthermore, since most of us now carry a notebook, calendar, personal assistant, and more in our pockets, smartphones also allow us to transform idle time into productive time. According to research from Google, 75% of smartphone users say that their device helps them to be productive; another 54% say their smartphones help them to reduce stress or anxiety. But when do users—consumers, by another name—actually reach for their phones to be more productive, and how do they utilize them?

To Satisfy Curiosity

Whenever we have a question, whether it’s about the restaurant you’re going to for dinner or an old friend from high school, it’s practically second-nature to pull out our phones and run a quick search. Now, consumers can answer even their most off-the-wall questions in the blink of an eye with a quick click or voice command. This creates new moments where users reach for their phones to discover new moments as well as new opportunities for brands to offer just the information that they’re looking for.

To Fill a Need

Whenever or wherever a consumer realizes they need something—maybe it’s dinner on the way home or new travel reservations when they’re running late—smartphones provide a mechanism to secure it without wasting any time. Brands can take advantage of this trend and help to make it easy for consumers to cross these urgent items off their to-do lists.

For a Helping Hand

When out and about, consumers depend on their smartphones to bring them information on better prices on products or services, find reviews, or explore what they need. Everyone now has an expert in their pocket 24/7 to help them fact-check or find a deal.

To Be Efficient

With a smartphone, anywhere in the world can become an office. Whether someone is waiting for a meeting to start or mid-commute, today’s high-powered phones help them to get work done. Need to plan your week? Write a grocery list? Make travel arrangements or get back to a client? There’s an app for that, and consumers are bound to utilize it.

To Prepare

No task is too large or too small to be planned out on a smartphone. The devices make it possible for the consumers who use them to precisely determine every element of a trip or project, from the times that destinations open or close to ways they can get there and much more.