Despite the pervasiveness of the auto industry, analysts predict a 2018 vehicle sales drop compared to 2017. While the statistics prove concerning, auto manufacturers and dealers acknowledge this prediction and are finding ways to combat it by investing marketing dollars into different platforms. As consumers become increasingly more research-based, manufacturers and dealers are turning to Youtube to steer car buyers and prevent against future profit losses.

When consumers enter the market for new cars, they often conduct research to determine which vehicles would best suit their needs. Auto marketers can capitalize on this approach by using digital videos to connect with consumers and encourage product consideration. Over 40% of consumers maintained that online video augmented their research, helping them discover vehicles they haven’t considered or previously heard of. For many auto marketers, YouTube proves an effective and innovative platform for driving awareness and engagement.

With its prestige, YouTube boasts a considerable online reach. In addition to promoting visibility, the platform is also assisting consideration. With its range of content, YouTube enables consumers to research vehicles in more comprehensive, immersive ways. Consumers can watch users test drive vehicles and listen to ownership opinions. As the video platform boasts professional videos and user reviews, consumers are able to decide which information is most relevant and which will lead to decisions that best satisfy their needs. When it came to those who turned to online videos during their research, another 40% of auto shoppers said they used YouTube to narrow down which vehicles they were considering. 

Just as YouTube encourages exploration, it also spurs consumer action. Informational and promotional videos are engaging and can drive online and foot traffic to dealerships. In fact, over 60% of consumers reported visiting dealerships or websites after watching videos during their research. Auto manufacturers and dealers can also use Youtube video ads to connect with audiences and spur action. By pushing relevant messages, marketing campaigns can appeal to consumers and increase search interest.

As the auto industry anticipates a sales drop, manufacturers and dealers are turning to YouTube to connect with consumers in immersive and innovative ways. This new platform promotes more visibility and enables auto marketers to drive better results.