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When I entered the digital media world over 20 years ago, I remember pitching skeptical clients around the promise of truly accountable marketing. It was the dawning of online measurement and we were all hopeful for the holy grail of closed loop analytics and the implications for consumer insights, spend efficiency, and effectiveness.

Today, this promise is still front and center, enabled by powerful and diverse advances in data, measurement, and supporting technology.

Perhaps most importantly, and amplified by the seismic uncertainties represented by COVID, marketing strategy must be tied to measurable outcomes that ladder up to broader business goals.

For brands like PepsiCo, innovating and evolving their measurement approach has been critical  to their success. As one of the first to market in implementing tools like video experiments, PepsiCo is not afraid to test, learn, and try new things across media and creative. They built a robust measurement strategy centered around a few core themes: innovation, global scaling, and agility.