Grow with Google’s NYC Learning Center had a big year in 2019, creating numerous opportunities for those wishing to hone their digital abilities. The platform’s suite of workshops aided communities ranging from students and small businesses to veterans and educators — among others — and was based on a simple, yet profound mission: to expand technological accessibility to match the growing need for digital skills. Additionally, the platform was intended to spur economic growth, reflect an enduring commitment to the NYC community, and engage Googlers and others seeking meaningful volunteer opportunities.

With 2020 in full swing, these factors remain as important as ever, and for this reason, Google has decided to continue the Learning Center in the new year. For Google advertisers, now is a great time to embrace Grow with Google’s offerings, as doing so can lead to stronger, more cohesive campaigns rooted in more informed planning. 

Embracing opportunity

By utilizing Grow with Google, individuals and businesses are able to access a variety of workshops reflecting various stages of technological mastery — from experienced Google ad managers to new businesses looking to establish a general online marketing presence. For ad managers, there are several directions to explore Grow with Google, including, but not limited to: 

  • Landing page construction and optimization
  • Google ad basics
  • Analytics-based strategizing
  • YouTube advertising

For new campaigns, these tools can provide structure and a scalable foundation. More established campaigns may find fresh perspective, fine-tuning weaknesses like mismanaged bidding or improper audience targeting. 

Making sense of the future

Perhaps one of Grow with Google’s biggest strengths is its focus on prevailing forms of online marketing — especially those focused on shifting audiences. A great example is YouTube, an established platform for video-based advertising. As I explored in a recent blog, YouTube has redefined audience targeting given the large scale migration from traditional broadcast/cable television to streaming platforms. The need for stronger instruction in this area is critical as best practices continue to emerge, and on this front, Grow with Google is a dependable resource to initiate new ad plans. 

YouTube is just one of several digital marketing areas covered in Grow with Google’s training modules, which collectively strive to make sense of an ever-changing future. By merging diverse levers with time-tested methodologies and best practices for ad construction, Grow with Google can help ensure a well-rounded approach to building and fine-tuning ads for the demanding contemporary consumer.